October 23, 2018
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MLA Report (23 March 2007)

My First Three Weeks as Your MLA

The by-election was 3 weeks ago and I have been very busy in my new role as MLA for Martensville. We continue to hold the government to account on their payout to a senior government employee who was paid $275,000 after being fired for harassment and convicted of assault. The women who were his victims did not have the opportunity to have their voices heard and we are working hard to make sure that their voices are heard now.

Two weeks ago I was named Environment Critic for the Official Opposition and am looking forward to presenting the people of Saskatchewan with a long-term plan to protect our environment while maintaining our economic growth.

The NDP budget was released last week. It was quite disappointing on several fronts. It is a $700 million deficit budget. The government has embarked on a wild pre-election spending spree in the desperate hopes of buying themselves another win. What they haven’t counted on is the fact that people know who is paying for this. You are.

Many of you told me during the by-election campaign of your concerns about rising education property taxes. After years of promising a long-term plan to reduce these taxes, the NDP once again failed in this budget to do just that. They are offering you no long-term relief and Saskatchewan remains one of the highest taxed jurisdictions in the country on this front. We will continue to fight on your behalf for lower taxes.

You sent this government a resounding message on March 5. The rest of the province is waiting for their turn.

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