June 3, 2020
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MLA Report

10 October 2017

Supporting Small Business

Small businesses are essential to Saskatchewan’s economy by contributing to the stability and vibrancy of countless communities across our province.

Each year, our government invests in a number of initiatives and programs that support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and learning and development opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners.

One of the major initiatives that our government pursues is the development of smart regulations and reviewing existing regulations regularly to make sure they remain relevant. Our government strives to develop regulations that simplify compliance requirements, saving businesses both time and money.

In the 2015-16 fiscal year, our government eliminated 53 regulations that were redundant or had become obsolete. We also completed a full review of existing regulations. With this, our government remains on schedule to achieve the mandate to review all business related regulations at least once every 10 years—to ensure they remain responsive to the needs of business.

Our government will remain vigilant in defending small business when threatened with regulations and tax changes by the federal government. We will continue to speak out against the federal government’s new “tax fairness” plan that is vilifying Saskatchewan farmers, ranchers and small business owners.

Small businesses are not “tax shelters”, as the federal government suggests. Farmers, ranchers and small business owners are the backbone of our economy. Small businesses account for 31 per cent of Saskatchewan’s Gross Domestic Product, 26 per cent of our province’s pay roll earnings and employ 150,000 Saskatchewan residents.

Our economy is projected to grow again and recent economic indicators show that Saskatchewan is leading the nation in growth in wholesale trade and manufacturing sales, as well as having the second-highest retail sales growth rate. And our population continues to grow at a record pace, with 45 consecutive quarters of growth and the fastest period of growth in 80 years.

Our economic success is because of our province’s small businesses. We will continue to work hard to support small businesses in Saskatchewan and create a positive business climate for the hard working women and men who run them.

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