August 18, 2019
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Introduction of Guests (2009/2010)

From Hansard

29 April 2010 - Environmental Stakeholders

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Hon. Ms. Heppner: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to introduce some folks who have joined us today. And joining us from various environmental organizations are — Darrell Crabbe from the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, Lorne Scott from Nature Saskatchewan. I believe Brent Kennedy from Ducks Unlimited was supposed to be here. I’m not sure where he is. I would also like to welcome representatives from cattle and stock growers associations. My colleague, the Minister of Agriculture, will be introducing them shortly.

And, Mr. Speaker, while I’m on my feet, I would like to invite the leaders of both the environmental organizations and the stock growers and cattle associations to meet with me immediately following question period. I know there are some concerns over WHPA [The Wildlife Habitat Protection Act] legislation. I would like to meet with them, and we can discuss those concerns. So I put out that invitation today.

11 March 2010 - Guests from Warman

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Hon. Ms. Heppner: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to join the Leader of the Opposition in welcoming the folks from Warman. It is one of the fastest growing towns, not just in Saskatchewan, but in the country. And we understand they’re facing some challenges, and I’ve appreciated the working relationship that I have with their mayor and town council and working towards some solutions to those. And so I’d hope that everybody would welcome them to their Legislative Assembly today.

1 December 2009 - Environmental Stakeholders

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Hon. Ms. Heppner: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Later today I will be reintroducing the government’s greenhouse gas reduction Bill, and I would like to introduce some guests that have joined us today in support of Saskatchewan’s Bill to make sure that we protect our environment. And I would ask them if they could wave as I introduce them. From Evraz Inc., Jim Markatos; from Consumers’ Co-operative Refineries Ltd., Doug Dunnigan; from the Saskatchewan Mining Association, Pam Schwann; from Morsky Industrial, general manager, Marty Willfong; from the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, Norm Henderson; from Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association, Lloyd Saul and also Dr. Jon Gillies. Mr. Speaker, the stakeholders that we have consulted with over the past year have been a huge part of the approach that the government has taken, and I would like to publicly thank all those who have helped us and will continue to help us as we work on regulations to enact our legislation, Mr. Speaker.

30 November 2009 - Environmental Stakeholders

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Hon. Ms. Heppner: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you and through you to all members of the Legislative Assembly a number of guests who are here to support the introduction of Bills that will establish a results-based environmental regulatory framework in Saskatchewan. And I will ask them to give us a wave when I announce them.

From the Saskatchewan region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Dennis Sherratt; from Nature Saskatchewan, Lorne Scott; from the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Holly Hetherington, Martin Klinger, and Kristen McKee; from Saskatchewan Environmental Industry Managers Association, Lloyd Saul; from the Communities of Tomorrow, J.P. Martin; from the Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure Research, Dr. David Hubble.

Mr. Speaker, the results-based reform will provide a framework which will enhance environmental protection while promoting the use of innovative technologies in our province and best practices. And I would like to thank the visitors that are joining us today for all of their help and support and advice and input on this file. And I look forward to working with them as we continue to implement the results-based regulatory framework, Mr. Speaker. And I ask all members of the Assembly to welcome these people to their Assembly.

18 November 2009 - Environmental Stakeholders

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Hon. Ms. Heppner: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to introduce to you and through you a number of guests that are seated in your gallery. Later today I’ll be introducing a government Bill that will recognize the importance of hunting, fishing, and trapping to Saskatchewan, and that it recognizes our heritage and our way of life.

And joining us today, Mr. Speaker, from Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation — I’d ask you to stand or wave — Ray Wild, Darrell Crabbe, Robert Fournier; from the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association, Hal Stupnikoff; from the Saskatchewan Flyfishers Association, Wayne and Janelle Phillips. From the Saskatchewan Trappers Association, Don Gordon; from the Saskatchewan Alliance for Wildlife and Agriculture, Joyce Lorenz, Helen Young, and Ron Young. From the Saskatchewan Black Powder Association, Sam Brailean and Brian Richmond. And joining us from the Ministry of Environment today as well are Lyle Saigeon and Lin Gallagher.

Mr. Speaker, a number of our guests also participate on our wildlife advisory committee. All the folks that are joining us today and the rest of the members of their organizations are dedicated to our province and to our environment and wildlife management.

And I would ask that all members join me in welcoming them to their Assembly today.

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