October 23, 2018
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MLA Report (13 November 2009)

Two Year Anniversary of Sask Party Government

People with significant, long-term disabilities no longer have to rely on social assistance following the launch of the province's new Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability program (SAID). The SAID program will provide an income for people with significant, long-term disabilities that is separate from the Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP).

Financial benefits and amounts will remain the same as those currently provided through SAP. However, people enrolled in SAID will not have to re-verify their disability status on a routine basis. Enrollees in SAID will also continue to receive Supplementary Health Benefits. Participation in the new program is voluntary.

November 7 was the two-year anniversary of our Saskatchewan Party government. Two years ago, you entrusted us with the future of the province. In that time, we have worked hard to live up to that trust.

To date, we have kept 112 of the campaign promises we made. Taxes are down. Because of those tax cuts, 80,000 lower-income people no longer pay provincial income tax. Unlike the NDP, we kept our promise to change the way education is funded, resulting in historic property tax savings. Through a historic investment in infrastructure, we are fixing roads, schools and healthcare facilities. We are also 70 per cent of the way toward meeting our goal of hiring 800 more nurses. There are more daycare spaces. Through our Graduate Retention Program, post-secondary students can recover most of the cost of their education. We are helping society’s most vulnerable through more programming for people with disabilities, more affordable housing units and indexing shelter rates to inflation. For the first time in sixteen years, benefits under the Seniors Income Plan have increased, doubling both the benefit amount and the number of seniors eligible. By balancing our growing economy with the needs of Saskatchewan people, we are making sure everyone benefits from that growth.

We are now closer to the next election than we are to the last one. What can you expect from us over the next two years? We will continue to keep promises, starting with our promise to reduce surgical wait times to no longer than three months. You can expect us to continue to manage the province’s finances with prudence. We will continue to work hard to keep the trust you placed in us.

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