October 23, 2018
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MLA Report (18 September 2007)

Better Plan Needed For Health Worker Shortages

I’m sure you’ve all seen the volumes of NDP advertising on TV and heard it on the radio. The NDP are spending hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars on pre-election advertising. Actions such as this help to breed voter cynicism. The Saskatchewan Party would put an end to these activities by first implementing fixed election dates followed by legislation that would limit government advertising for the 4 months preceding an election and eliminating it altogether in the month prior to an election (unless there is a compelling reason to advertise for things of immediate importance such as public safety). We are blessed to live in a democratic country. However, there is a problem with voter cynicism and apathy and we should take steps to restore faith in the electoral process. We believe that this is one step in the right direction.

And speaking of advertising, one of the NDP ads boasts reductions in wait times for Saskatchewan residents. We continue to hear from people who are languishing in pain while waiting for surgeries and treatment. Saskatchewan continues to face a shortage of doctors and nurses – healthcare professionals that are desperately needed to help with shortening wait times. According to the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, Saskatchewan has up to 600 registered nursing vacancies and hundreds more ready to retire. Faced with this reality, the last NDP budget calls for a mere 18 new nursing training seats. The Saskatchewan Party has a plan to gain 800 nurses and add an additional 300 registered nurses training seats.

Health care in this province has failed to live up to the NDP’s lofty rhetoric. It is thanks to a government that has no direction and no plan; one that seems content to lurch from crisis to crisis. Saskatchewan residents deserve better.

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