October 23, 2018
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MLA Report (13 July 2007)

Mid Summer Update

This has been a great summer as I’ve had the opportunity to be in most of the communities in the constituency of Martensville. While your Sask Party MLAs are out and about meeting people, the Premier is not. His traditional summer bus tour of the province has been cancelled with no explanation as to why. Perhaps he wasn’t looking forward to driving on the many poor roads in Saskatchewan to hear from people and their concerns about hospital staff shortages and school closures.

Speaking of roads, the access road to Hepburn is still in bad shape. I sent an invitation to the new Highways Minister, Buckley Belanger, to come out to Hepburn, drive the access road and then meet the residents of Hepburn who drive that road. I am still waiting for a response and will keep you posted!

The Sask Party collected thousands of postcards from people who are outraged over the NDP’s handling of the Murdoch Carrierre scandal. Mr. Calvert has recently sent letters to those people trying once again to attempt to justify their actions. Mr. Calvert says that paying off a man who was fired for harassment and convicted of assault to the tune of $275,000.00 and a bump up in his pension (ensuring that he would retire well) was the right thing to do. There is no defense for this. The NDP should have defended Carrierre’s victims and should have gone to court, as they originally promised they would do, to defend the firing of this man.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Waldheim’s outgoing mayor, Kelly Block, for her time and dedication to that community. I wish Kelly, her husband Milton, and their family all the best as they move to Saskatoon.

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