October 23, 2018
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MLA Report (11 June 2007)

Biodiesel Production at Peacock Industries near Hague

There are few times when one is truly inspired by the actions of others. I had the opportunity for such a moment on Friday, June 8th. Neil and Francis Wagner and their children, Raichelle (19) and Nathaniel (17) are people who inspire. Through his company, Peacock Industries (near Hague), Neil is currently engaging in an exciting new venture – he is co-producing biodiesel and chemical-free pesticide from mustard seed. Saskatchewan is one of the largest exporters of mustard seed. Not content to be an export-only producer, Neil has found inventive value-added processes that not only contribute to the economic viability of our province but also contribute to improving our environment. Biodiesel helps to decrease the dependency on fossil fuels.

The mustard based biodiesel Neil produces can also be found in the tanks of his childrens’ NASCAR cars. Both Raichelle and Nathaniel drive NASCAR and can often be found at the track by Martensville. Neil is also promoting the use of his biodiesel with the American NASCAR industry. The pride that Neil and Francis have in their business and their childrens’ amazing achievements was evident. This is a family who is leading the way in value-added processing of mustard seed and is positively contributing to our community, our economy and our environment. It was an honour to get to know them. The Wagners have a “can do” attitude. They believe that we can achieve great things in Saskatchewan and that we should be leaders, not followers. All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed…

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