October 23, 2018
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MLA Report (11 May 2007)

End of Session Summary

The spring session of the Legislature is quickly drawing to a close and it’s been a busy and exciting session. It has been an honour to represent you in your Legislature. One of my first assignments was to take the lead in Question Period demanding answers from the NDP as to why they offered a golden handshake to Murdoch Carriere – the government employee who was fired for harassment and convicted of assault. The NDP paid him $275,000.00 and bumped up his pension after he was fired for harassing female employees in his office. The NDP continue to refuse to release the secret legal opinions they say made them settle out of court and give Carriere hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The NDP are also working on another “Murdoch Carriere Golden Handshake” for their caucus chief of staff. In 1992, the NDP caucus office was being defrauded by an employee. This money is not party money, it is taxpayers’ money given to each caucus for operations. Instead of immediately referring this incident of theft to the police, NDP members, according to then-MLA Pat Lorje, made a conscious decision to conceal this fraud. The NDP’s chief of staff took the fall for the NDP and has now resigned. According to rules of the Legislature, staff members who resign are not entitled to severance yet the NDP is choosing to ignore the rules and is negotiating a severance package for him. The message the NDP is sending is that if you mess up, they’ll reward you. The NDP’s choices do not reflect the values of the hardworking, honest people of the Martensville constituency.

While the NDP tried to sell this year’s budget as a “balanced budget”, it is not. The NDP took over $500 million from their “rainy day” fund in order to balance their books. And although they are trying to promise all things to all people, this budget falls short of a long-term vision. Just last week, I questioned the Minister of Highways about much-needed repairs on access roads to both Dalmeny and Hepburn. He bragged about money for highways but he had no plan for when or where that money will be spent. According to the NDP’s lack-of-action plan, these communities may have to wait years before their roads are fixed. After neglecting our roads for 16 years, the NDP need to offer more than more talk, more reports and more studies.

After being in Regina during the spring, I am looking forward to being in the constituency this summer. If you have summer events which you’d like me to attend, please contact my constituency office (975-0284) with the details.

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