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Which country are you premier? How times explode formerly by the victim is interrogatory speechless

Explosion of atom bomb of Nagasaki of ba建筑模板十大品牌nquet of 3 9 sunrise produces Japanese premier An Beijin when 72 anniversary activity infrequent one act, the nucleus explodes the victim installs times questioningly fac建筑模板厂家FFRe to face when Xiang Anbei hands over memorial: The premier of which country are you? How times did not give out reaction,

Bosuonaluo takes office as Brazilian president to emphasize restoring economy to eliminate corruption

On January 1, the palace of highland of presidential government office that is in Brazilian capital Brasilia, brazilian president Yayierbosuonaluo attends inaugural ceremony. Li Ming of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed Brasilia of Xinhua News Agency on January 1 report (reporter Zhou 海子建筑模板KJXingzhu) Brazilian president Yayierbosuonaluo made a pledge formally to assume office