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Ma Yun is joined flower premier trade advisory body holds the position of Kameilunte to fasten adviser

Ma Yun is joined flower premier trade advisory body holds the position of Kameilunte to fasten adviser

Tang Ning street wil辽宁建筑模板公司l announce on October 19, british premier blocks Mei Lun already recruit Alibaba is virgin forces clo广东建筑模板公司ud, join premier trade advisory body. The message comes out, cause wide attention. So, premier trade advisory body after all what connections? Besides Ma Yun, big wrist of what business山东省大宇木业有限公司 circles to have again?

The proposal is offerred on economic problem for premier

According to the introduction of British government net, after blocking Mei Lun to was elected as British premier 2010, began to establish a commercial advisory body that forms by cacique of British business circles instantly. Actually, braun is in Cameron’s predecessor between lieutenancy, es廊坊清水建筑模板厂家电话tablished a similar organization likewise, but the name differs somewhat.

Cameron says when the explanation establishs original intention: Establish a such advisory panels to be able to assure true communication and discuss. We are reducing the deficit, direction effort that reforms economy forward, it is very important that proper policy is made when executive plan. (Establish a group) can make us balanced grow, make England forward develop, make sure we are whole the country is indebted in the prosperity of growth.

This shows, this advisory body is made to the economic policy of Cameron g

overnment have main effect. British government net still is written, the business circles cacique in advisory body has strategic value to England, photograph and relevant chancellery head to offer the proposal of fixed,高层建筑模板价格 high end on problem of the main business that can be faced with in British place, economy.

Status of advisory body member awa木工模板rds him only

Advisory body m施工模板ember every 3 months meet, discussion economy problem, member status awards him only, cannot send a delegate to attend. British premier is held the position of every time the chairman of the conference, commerce, innovation and skill chancellery also can be attended.

Session, advisory body member expresses a view in the light of each agenda, relevant discussion is informal, the participant is OK speak out freely, but the angle that is not an enterprise expresses the poin建筑模板施工图片t of view that should stand in oneself opinion.

In addition, advisory body member does not have any pay, and be not lifelong make. England ” defend a newspaper ” report, cameron ever was mad

e suddenly to advisory body member 2012 adjust.

And the advisory body list that the basis published in November 2014, apple, Gu Ge, airbus and telegraphic operation business the tall canal of the company such as TalkTalk row among them, but they go up without the newest list that appeared in July 2015.

Big wrist gathers inside advisory body

According to newest list, advisory body has 19 members, give江苏建筑模板公司 priority to with British company controller, aviation of the Da Deli of presiding apparitor Bob that includes to come from British Petroleum Company among them, England Yi Jie is presiding apparitor Caroline group of stock exchange of Maikaoer, London is chief apparitor Zeweierluolite. Interesting is, chairman of round-the-world music group holds England concurrently presiding apparitor wears Weiyaosefu also row among them.

From the point of the company of hold post of 19 people place, involve bank, finance, venture capital investment, science and technology, building, aviation, fiducial, supermarket, music to wait for each large trade, but do not include electronic business affairs.

Englan批发建筑模板怎么样d ” financial times ” the comment says, on history of premier trade advisory body, ma Yun is the first member that did not contact apparently with England.

Cameron’s spokesman expresses 19 days to media, how can Ma Yun promote exit of British small and medium sized business to

put forward to help and suggest, the platform that adopts similar Alibaba especially enters Chinese market.

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