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One chauffeuse of American drives rush to parade into anniversary of the founding of a school the crowd sends 4 dead much people to get hurt

One chauffeuse of American drives rush to parade into anniversary of the founding of a school the crowd sends 4 dead much people to get hurt

American Oklahoma establishs an university 24 days to holding part of annual alumnus return to school after the vacation, do not have expect the festal atmosphere that a traffic accident broke sweet joyance, become spot of anniversary of the founding of a school bleed massacre.

A chauffeuse drove that day the car of Yi Lan spy of a gray, after breaking through roadblock, rush into the crowd that seeing parade of anniversary of the founding of a school in wayside view, bring about 4 people death, 44 people to get hurt. This driver doubt is l蓝带木业有限公司ike wine to drive or drug taking, already was arrested.

[eyewitness says: The person flew]

Local newspaper ” person of horse of Russian ca临沂建筑模板公司rat carry on one’s shoulder ” report, accident place is located in Russian city the Oklahoma of city establishs Sidierwote near university campus.

When the accident, thousands of alumnus and local dweller are watching anniversary of the founding of a school to parade. At this moment, in a crossroad of processional end, the gray car of travel of a high speed breaks through roadblock suddenly, dash against stops in roadside alarm with autocycle, cross driveway serrate edge after that, develop a herd.

Kongdawoke is in not far from traffic accident建筑工程土石方施工许模板 spot place with respect to the station at that time. She says, at the beginning the one part that she still thinks th宜森木业有限公司is car is parade, but back-to-back Che Chong takes a crowd, somebody is cast in sky like clout baby. 模板厂

Another eyewitness Jeff breaths out Kesidu to say: I see a large number of soot, people flees for his life everywhere, there is panicky expression on the face.

Pict建筑模板厂家代理商ure of local TV station shows, after traffic accident counts a hour, cause trouble car still stops in the spot, lean i高唐县众发木业有限公司s 潍坊长浦模板in the bodywork of damage by lever of a street lamp, there are water cup, dress, rug and fold chair everywhere on the ground.工地常用的模板叫什么KJ

Police introduction, when the accident, this crossroad has 100 people about, the travelling speed of cause trouble car is controlled hourly in 80 kilometers.

Traffic accident causes 4 people death, include two years old children, additionally 44 people get hurt, get flesh wound for the most part among them, still 8 people still are in be in hospital.

[family says: She does unlike]

” person of horse of Russian carat carry on one’s shoulder ” report, name of cause trouble driver is Chambers

of A Da Xiya, female, it is 25 years old, it is Sidierwote citizen. Police suspects to she drinks or drive after drug taking, already arrested her.

Adaxiya’s father nots when Chambers of heart of Yi of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces accepts local media to interview, say, how does he also think the daughter doing that is less than his gives this kind of job, feel special astonish.

He says, natural disposition of A Da Xiya is recreant and shy, I want to be illogical, she is not in that way person I am unthinkable, traffic accident and alcohol are concerned. Be known according to me, she not wine of be addicted to.

After the accident, rich guest website pushs Lin Zaiwei of beautiful law of Oklahoma bey Ma to go up to express to express sympathy and solicitude for to the dead’s family member especially, say oneself are bein建筑模板施工SLg driven toward Sidierwote in town road.

The Oklahoma establishs university president Bern Sihajisi also is learning school government website to make a statement, express to this one incident distressed.

He says in statement: Our terrible to this tragedy expresses to astonish with bitterness. Parade is one of activities with the most vibrant section of return to school after the vacation all the time, be cheated by this one incident however now shadow, your person cannot be accepted.

The Oklahoma establishs an university to have about 25 thousand to be in school student. Whether does of short duration include a student in not clear dead at present. The se

ction of return to school after the vacation of American university is in commonly after autumn terms begins, hold every year before long, alumnus gathers together from far and near alma mater, the school can hold all sorts of performances and sports contest. (Wang Hongbin stalks of grain especially border client carries

Xin Huaguo)

Original title: One chauffeuse of American drives rush to parade into anniversary of the founding of a school the crowd builds much person casualties

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