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General Beijing gives orders punish Turkey Russian intermediary: This is ultimatum (graph)

General Beijing gives orders punish Turkey Russian intermediary: This is ultimatum (graph)

Login register Beijing of general of text of news of international of center of news of t模板厂家he network austral Fujian to give orders punish Turkey Russian intermediary: Is this ultimatum (graph) origin: ? Comfort?2015-11-29 10:2 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The phonic website that occupies the United States will report on November 29, beijing of Russia president general has given orders to ask to implement economic sanction to Turkey. Several days ago, turkey is near earthy appraise border land down opportunity for combat of a Russia.

Data picture: Beijing of Russia president general.

General Beijing signed a decree on Saturday, the command implements sanction to Turkey, in江苏模板批发AJclude to restrict Russia to import a few products from Turkey among them, prohibit extending the Turkish contract that works in Russia, restric模板规格AKt the business of the Turkey company that is in Russia.

This law still asks to stop fly to business of Osmanli charter flight from Russia, russia travel company stops the holiday travel item that sells destination to include Turkey inside.

Since Tuesday of Russia opportunity for combat by down since, russia is already minatory should take revengeful step to Turkey. This incident aggravate the insecurity between two countries.

The report says, general Beijing president is made annoy by down incident to Russia opportunity for combat reaction.

Some earlier on Saturday moment, turkey president Aierduoan conveys pair of Turkey down the regret of opportunity for combat of a Russia, say Turkey feels to incident from the bottom of one’s heart is distress, hope all these never has happened.

Occupy Taiwan additionally central company on November 29 report, beijing of Russia president general signs a president to make on Saturday, implement a series of economy sanction to Turkey, restrict considerably, prohibit even Turkey is in Russia the commercial activity of churchyard, cancel bilateral charter flight, install with dimension for, strengthen pair of Russia come-and-go traffic accuses a canal between earth. Government order has go into effect at signing day.

This president makes come to Turkey product exit enterprise of Russia, Turkey and organize activity is in Russia to make prohibit limitation, completely even.

Rise from next year at the same time, russia enterprise also cannot recruit Turkey citizen again, autograph measure is avoided actively to also cancel at next year between 清水模板尺寸Russian earth.

Besides, the charter flight 高唐县金福源木业有限公司between two countries goes there and back to also be prohibited. Russian gov石坊木业有限公司ernment in order to enhance security, accuse canal and Turkey strictly between overland reach waterage.

Turkey is Russia muching partner of the 5th large trade.

Turkey is in Russia the pr建筑模板电话BAoperty of sortie is extensive, from finance, building, sightseeing, it is OK t潍坊长浦模板o wait to life home appliance, dress, beer Osmanli brand. Not only such, the vegetables and fruits that Russia has 1/4 about at present is supply by Turkey.

General Beijing already enjoined relevant unit, listed limitation imports the detailed list of Turkey product and enterprise.

Russia media thinks, this economic punish that does not have deadline commands, it is the ultimatum that general capital issues to Aierduoan. Aierduoan apologizes earlier, the loss is smaller.

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