Managerial scandal sends ministerial support rate to drop urgently how times rejoin weigh deep introspection

Managerial scandal sends ministerial support rate to drop urgently how times rejoin weigh deep introspection

Login register m工地施工模板标准AManager新型建筑模板实用吗ial scandal of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to send ministerial support rate to drop urgently how times rejoin call deep introspection origin: ? ?2017-06-20 08:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on June 20 day intermediary report, local time this month 19 days, japanese premier installs congress of times routine of Jin Sanju travel to obstruct backstage press conference, around school legal person " add plan lyceum " the parliament that establishs vet newly to fasten a plan to wait rejoins express, "I operate to impression (of opposition) the manner that the controversy refutes with strong tone, caused the topic beyond policy discussion, deep to this introspection " .

Data chart: Install times

According to the report, in view of suffer those who bring times government to answer quits influence, ministerial support rate falls quickly, how times it is it seems that emphasize small gesture with this. Still express to consider to reorganization cabinet is adjusted from human affairs of civilian party high level, say intended setting is in charge of advancing talent investment to wait " Yo person is reformed " cabinet offi建筑模板木方cial.

Press conference beginning, install the times routine congress that reviews 18 days to close a meeting, excuse says " what undertake from beginning to end is with the constructive discussion that go ve哪里买建筑模板ry far mutual criticism, to everybody the countryman feels special apologize " . He admits about adding plan the investigation of file of lyceum problem notes, of the government should change again to cha建筑腹膜板公司EKnging, brought about a countryman the distrust to the government. Express at the same time: "If be pointed out problem, will perform demonstrative duty seriously every time. No matter congress is hel

d,still close a meeting, show what undertake carefully understanding easily. Show what undertake carefully understanding easily..

About setting vet department newly, how times say " education expert is urgent task, responding to such cry is the administration that corrects twist " , the specification says to will continue to boost the control with rigid reform. He alludes the quits system of national strategy special zone bill belong to the same organization that Democratic Progressive Party puts forward to congress, say " the act that is about to make reform retrogression makes a person regretful very much " , offer criticism to this party.

Install the t

imes area that considers media to show by investigation ministerial support rate falls quickly, say " be determined hard to make careful specification one by one afresh " .

Bring the times economic policy that still 建筑用胶模板alludes to install times cabinet for farther aggrandizement " in木模板生产厂家BYstall times economics " , push the fundamental policy such 山东省临沂市模板厂as reform work way, will begin to reorganization cabinet is reached adjust from human affairs of civilian party high level. He expresses " set out from th

e active employ talent, viewpoint that builds cogent system, will serious henceforth consideration " .

The Japan after be being revised about aiming to applied 2020 " constitution " from civilian party program, how times say " the hope makes become surmount the pol黑豹木业有限公司itical party of the government and the public, plan that can have constructive discussion " , express to will intensify discussing. On the other hand, he not the period that refer puts forward to repair constitution motion, and whether same day holds fair agree national politics election.

About be being written into " conspire blame " the Japan after the modification of gist " constituent crime sanctions a method " , how times say " the opinion that in discussing considerat宝康木业有限公司ion congress, offers, cogent apply, the life of guardianship countryman " .

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